Posted by: Jan | March 6, 2011

Thank goodness for CPAP!

I’m sick again/still with an ugly case of asthmatic bronchitis–“almost, but not quite pneumonia” is how the pulmonologist put it.  I cough and cough all day and I’m worn out.  I’m on 3 inhalers and 5 medicines–it sucks!

But I’m getting wonderful, restful sleep at night–a minor miracle.  I put on my FF Quattro mask, crank up the humidity, and sleep great.  This is about the only thing going in my favor right now–I feel so rotten and I don’t know how I’d survive the sleep deprivation that used to accompany my respiratory infections on top of everything else.  And I don’t cough during the night!

It’s impossible to wear nasal pillows because I’m so congested and irritated, but the Quattro and I are really doing well together with the addition of a homemade mask liner (while I’m awaiting a fancy Padacheek one).  I like having the soft cotton against my face instead of cold silicone, and it’s like wrapping my face in a soft, soothing blanket.  The liner is stopping the leaks that were still plaguing me, despite my “Taming” techniques.

Today is Sunday and I woke at 6:40 a.m. like usual.  I felt so wonderful lying there–calm and breathing easy.  The air was cool but not cold in my face, the conducted machine sound was quiet, my body was relaxed.  I went back to sleep for almost 2 hours.  BLISS!!!!!!!!!

Days like this I love my CPAP!



  1. I thought I was the only one to love my cpap when I have a cold. Everyone should be so lucky to have cool, moist air keeping the airways open and to be able to sleep with no stuffy nose.

    • I know, I almost wish I could wear my cpap in the privacy of my office during the day–I’d be a lot more comfortable!

  2. Hope you’re feeling better, Jan! Yes! for CPAP. I am still surprised that it works when my nose is stuffy, but oh so grateful.

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