Posted by: Jan | September 13, 2010

Hang Your Hose

I’ve posted before about how the slinky hose of the FX mask is heavy and tends to pull the pillows right out of your nose if it hangs down.  The best cure for that is a “hose management system” or hose hanger that holds the hose over my head and keeps it positioned just right against my nose. 

My original system simply held the hose over my head, hanging from a swivel lamp mounted on the wall above my bed. 

You can see my home-made “trapeze” made of soda straws.  The idea was to let the hose roll forward and back as needed when I turned and needed more or less length.

It didn’t work . . .

Next, I tried using an elastic cord (actually an elastic hairband cut open and tied to hair scrunchies on the hose) routed through a “tube” (a plastic hair curler), but that didn’t move the way I needed either.

What I really needed was a pulley, but I thought that any I might find at a hardware store would be heavy and possibly too big.  There’s only so much weight I want to put on that swivel lamp.

At my local fabric store, I started looking for things that might work.  Curtains sometimes move with small pulleys, so I looked in that department, but I didn’t find anything. 

Then, I stumbled on this:

Hmmm, this might make a pulley . . .

If you hang it on this:

So here’s my “pulley”:  ( I connected two key chains so I’d have a way to hang the apparatus)

Here’s what goes through the pulley:

I cut open an elastic headband and tied on two scrunchies.

Now, through the pulley:

Put the scrunchies on the hose:

And hang it up:

This worked OK, but better when I added a counter weight to the side of the hose that wasn’t directly attached to the mask (sorry, no picture).

The elastic cord is not quite long enough to let me turn onto my left side easily–I have to give the hose a tug.  So my next tweak is either to get a longer cord, or lower the hose hanger a bit.

If you don’t have a swivel lamp over your bed, you can hang it from a variety of things.  One idea is a plant hanger like this mounted on the wall over the bed, a cup hook screwed onto the wall or the back of a headboard, or maybe a removeable Command Hook like this.  I have never found the Command hooks to be secure, but this guy seems to think they are OK– See this YouTube! video of a commercially available hose hanger called the “Hoze Boss” (which you might want to buy if you don’t want to play arts and crafts like me–I may buy it myself one of these days). 

LEGAL DISCLAIMER:  Use common sense for goodness sakes!  Make sure the set up for hanging your hanger is secure so that you don’t end up banging your head into it, pulling it off the wall and putting out an eye, or pulling off a chunk of wall when you turn over.  If you’re too dumb to figure out a way to do this safely, don’t blame me!



  1. Brilliant!
    Initially, I didn’t have much problem with the hose when I kept it under the covers and dealt with it as necessary, but it really does do better to hang it from above. I tie the hose to the bed post on my side of the bed. A little off-center, but it works. I have always wanted a lamp mounted above my pillow, so this could be my excuse!

  2. I don’t know what I was thinking when I mounted this lamp, but I mounted it way too high! I have to really stretch to turn off the lamp at night.

    Turns out it’s great for hose hanging since I don’t have a headboard.

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