Posted by: Jan | July 28, 2010

Learning something from the Bear

I learned something new from that bear. The bear snores. 

You think it’s bad when people snore?  You “ain’t heard nothing” until you’ve heard a bear snore! 

See the expression on the doll babies’ faces?  Do their expressions not scream “GET ME OUT OF HERE” to you?????

But Toby (the bear) has no health insurance.  And he just cannot afford $2000 or so for a sleep test at a bona fide sleep lab.  So I offered him a free night on my autopap machine, to see what his AHI’s were and what pressures might work for him.  Then we can look for a machine and mask at Goodwill or something for him.

Yowsa, the AHI was 600!!!!  And his O2 sats were in the toilet–O!!!!  It’s a wonder he’s even alive!  Severe sleep apnea!  I had to run that machine on straight CPAP at 19 cm H2O just to get his AHI below 5.  Sheesh!

When I set Toby up with my CPAP, I even let him try my new Swift FX.  The weight of the short hose threatened to pull him right out of the bed.  He didn’t like it sliding across his chest any more than I do.  And he kept wiggling around the bed, pulling the pillows away from his nose. 

I pulled the hose all the way up on my homemade hose hanger so it was fully suspended above Toby instead of lying beside him, and that worked great.  He didn’t have the heavy hose weighing him down or pulling on him. 

What a great idea!  Why didn’t I think of that?

When I finally pried the cpap machine off the bear and fought off the dolls who had visions of snore free nights dancing in their heads, I tried pulling the FX hose up higher in my homemade hose holder and VIOLA!, best night yet with the FX.  I could turn without problems and the FX didn’t slip so easily out of my nose. 

Whaddya know!  The darn bear taught me something after all.



  1. The best reason I’ve heard for getting an APAP – if I had an APAP I could do this for several bears I know.

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